Artistic, Creative and Candid Wedding Photographer


I am Nirmal, the person behind all the lovely pictures that you can see in this website. Thanks for visiting my site and having a look at my creative content.

I am a candid, artistic and creative wedding photographer from Kolkata, India.

To begin with, I have many years of experience in photographing delicate art, affectionate emotions and eternal memories. Gradually I have developed a unique style which is giving wedding photography a new, unmatched platform. I am best known for my authentic, dramatic, and timeless photography. I use light, composition, emotion, and relationships to create inspiring and timeless wedding photos.

With rich experiences I have acquired the unparalleled insight into how to tell a story through my images. I will be there to photograph and anticipate both planned and unplanned moments – from the obvious to the inconspicuous. I approach the day journalistically, capturing moments as they happen, but I also help pose or place my subjects in the best light to ensure they look their best. I will discreetly document your ceremony, but I will take charge when direction is needed. In other words I capture everything as they naturally unfold infront of the lens. In my pre-wedding portfolio you will see the romantic and creative pre-wedding couple pictures with variety of poses and ideas. In my wedding portfolio you will see the elegant bridal, groom and couple portraits; candid and impromptus wedding ritual pictures; laughter and fun during the sangeet; smile in bride’s and groom’s face when they look at each other for the first time; pensive mood of the father during kanyadan and obviously tears in the mother’s eyes during vidai. And everything will be captured in the best technical way ever possible. I always work hard to deliver photographs that you will cherish for decades to come — photographs that will make you laugh, sigh and cry.

Right now the term “candid photography” is very common. But candid photography without meaningful insight into the pictures or without artistic posing and lighting techniques doesn’t convey anything to the audience. That’s why there are so many candid wedding photographers, but only those who have full technical expertise, artistic eyes and creative ideas can stand out from the others. My constant endeavour for excellence has finally brought me to that level, where I can vouch for delivering fine arts wedding photographs. And there are so many testimonials to showcase with!

Currently I have a full team which can cater to all your photography and videography needs – candid photography (myself), traditional photography, candid videography (also called cinematic videography), traditional videography, live mixing, LED wall, drone, album designing etc.

We absolutely love doing what we do and certainly can’t imagine ever doing anything other than photography. We hope this is reflected in what you see throughout our website.